About Jack

Get to Know Jack

With experience as a hands-on designer, Senior UX Lead, workshop facilitator and coach, I bring passion, purpose, and high-energy positivity to every challenge.

As a creative professional, I strive to get the best out of myself and others in order to form meaningful relationships and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Inspired by colleagues, friends, family, and experiences of all kinds, I apply and teach a Reframe Mindset – shifting the way people and organizations think empowering them imagine and achieve more.



My Core Values

Make Experiences Matter

From my earliest days as a designer, I learned the value of needing to provide more than just a nice visual solution. At the end of the day, every touchpoint you have with another person can contribute to a positive or negative experience. Be it with a friend, partner, client or customer, all aspects of the work that you do, the manner which you do it and how it’s delivered contributes to the holistic perception.

Design with a Purpose

As a product of a hard-working father and having played basketball under coaches up through the college level, the importance of applying your full effort and ability to everything you do wasn’t lost on me. For that reason, I believe in doing things for a reason and “with a purpose” so that the proper goals and objectives are always in mind from planning strategies through to execution.

Bring Your Passion

Passion is an often overused word these days but I believe it’s due to misuse. I draw passion from looking for new opportunities at the outset of a challenge, meeting new people with perspectives different from my own, and forming relationships with colleagues through collaboration towards a shared end solution. This passion for me translates to the Reframe Mindset and it’s what I try to use in all aspects of my personal and professional life.

Capabilities + Offerings


Workshops + Coaching

I am at my best when helping people imagine and discover what’s possible. Applying the Reframe Workshops methodology, I teach people and organizations a process of attacking challenges through creative thinking and rapid concept development.


Experience strategy

Aiming first for identifying the right problem, I work to build strategies and experience principles establishing a solid understanding of the environments, habits and interests of your customers’ needs leading to impactful, measurable results.  


design execution

A brand’s value is defined by tangible experiences with a company’s products and services leaving an impression on multiple levels. As a holistic designer, I believe in and deliver dynamic design solutions that are as functional and repeatable as they are beautiful.